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Getting My Nails Done
So pretty soon I want to get my nails done, but I'm thinking of going to a place I haven't been yet (even though I've only gotten my nails done twice before). Anyhow, this place only charges $22 for acrylics and I'm thinking, "Whoa, that's really cheap. .. maybe too cheap." And that price isn't even the student discount price. So do you think that it's this cheap because they use that cheap stuff that is bad for yor nails? I have heard before about that and I always think the more expensive the better the quality. Also, I'm thinking about getting crystal nails instead of acrylic. What's the difference and what do you prefer?
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¤*Lee*¤ View Profile 03-Dec-06
Be sure to ask what she uses and it all depends wether she is doing nails out of her house (it's cheaper because she doesn't pay for her chair) there are many factors in what makes prices cheap.
Mandy View Profile 23-Nov-06
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Heather View Profile 14-Sep-06
Ps. the acrylic and the crystal are pretty much the same itz just the crystal has a latex coat over it!
Heather View Profile 14-Sep-06
no...itz sister is a nail tech and the salon shez been working at for years only costs
$25.00 and thatz just the perfect price...these aren't even acrylics they're called Liquiplex...itz a totally safe ingredient that lasts a lot longer than acrylic and itz lasts for a whole month w/o fills so u wont have 2 go every other week....u go every month unless you have the time? so dont worry itz perfectly me i get my nailz done ALL the time!
Lauren 17-Aug-06
DONT go to a cheap salon, go to a good one! The cheapest salons that offer really low prices often use methyl-methacrylate also known as MMA as the adhesive for the acrylic nails, it is toxic and dangerous to use.  autytec  article  s/mmafacts.htm this site has good information and you should read it if youre comtemplating having your nails done, I am going to get mine done because i think they look great but make sure you know ptential risks first, your health is important.
((l.e.a.h.)) View Profile 26-Jul-06
Id rather spend 8 more and feel confident that they'll stay on.
Niki View Profile 16-Jun-06
here when you get your nails done it's 20$ ( that's the student price) and then when you want to get them re-filled it's 12$ which i think is a good price. The prices you are talking about seem really great too! the last time i got them done was for my birthday so i got a french tip but instead of the whole nail being clear it was a light pink and then the white tip at the top.. i really liked it.. and then they added on jewels on the pinky finger because it was my birthday :)
- Niki
Michelle 29-May-06
When I get my nails done, they do a great job, and its $20 to get them, and a free airbrushed on all your nails. Then to get them filled its $13, again with free airbrushing. $22 isn't bad. No fake nails are actually good for your nails, so just don't keep them on for too long.
Courtney View Profile 06-Feb-06
Seriously -- putting anything like that on your nails isn't healthy for them. The place that I go is 25 for the nails & 15 for fills. But, I usually don't keep them on that long .. just so that my nails can "breathe".

but, I don't think that 22 is that bad ..
do I kNow U? View Profile 05-Feb-06
doint ask me iv got my nails done waste of money i say
Felipa View Profile 02-Feb-06
Ah seriously does it matter weither or not it is good for your nails? I dont really know. I do my own and it is alot cheaper. For a few weeks afterward I usually use some special nail polish that helps build there strength. This process cost me about 5 bucks. I dont care I guess Im cheap.
mackenzie View Profile 02-Feb-06
everywhere i go except the beauty school is 25 for a full set (getting them on) and 15 for a fill. you can always ask what kind of acrylic they use.
~*** GhEtTo BooTy ***~ View Profile 24-Jan-06
i dont really think that is 2 cheap... the place where i go charges me 15 dollars every time i get fills, and it costed me 25 dollars to get the nails on. so i dont think 22 dollars is to bad.

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